Creating products people rely on

Indes creates innovative products for people. Products that people rely on. Successful products, because they genuinely improve the everyday life of your customers. That demands not only creativity, but also technology that is geared towards your market. These are the qualities that make Indes so strong.

We deliver integrated product development solutions for clients with ambitions in the Medical Cure, Human Care and E-mobility sectors. We have been creating successful innovations for 25 years. We manage the complete life cycle, from the initial concept phase to the supply of high-quality products.

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Product Development

Indes has a quarter of a century of product development experience, giving you a competitive advantage. We understand just how important user-centered design is. And how to combine market needs with technological developments. Our expertise and structured approach enables us to develop distinctive and successful products, which in turn enables you to increase your market position in a structured manner.

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Production Management & Supply

From our locations in the Netherlands and China, we work with a carefully selected network of preferred suppliers. This enables us to safeguard the design intent, quality and timely supply of your product. Indes offers an integrated development and supply solution, so you can rest assured that your product is in safe hands.

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