E-sense Power Assist Kit integrated in iMoc surgery chair

Mobile operating will be the future. With this in mind, the iMoc Baroc has been developed. Part of the new surgery chair is the E-sense Power Assist Kit, designed and supplied by Indes. By means of the intuitive power support, the surgery chair is very easily maneuverable.

iMoc Baroc
More attention for the patient and logistical time savings, improved working conditions and reduced costs. The iMoc Baroc by Dockx Medical BV, developed in the Netherlands, is a serious answer to the current challenges in healthcare. iMoc stands for Innovated Mobile Operation Chair and is the optimal choice for bariatric surgery (obese patients) as well as general surgery, gynecology, urology and robotic surgery. It has been designed with both patient, nursing staff and surgical team in mind.
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E-sense Power Assist Kit
The integrated E-sense Power Assist Kit provides the surgery chair with a light control system which makes the chair easily maneuverable, even with extremely heavy patients. E-sense Power Assist Technology systems are developed and manufactured in-house by Indes. The system can be added to any wheeled (heavy) object and makes moving easy and simple. Integrated sensors ‘feel’ the natural force of the user and the system translates this to a smooth unnoticeable drive support. Intuitive and effortless.
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