Honorable mention at the reddot design awards

The lightweight Twade e-bike is developed by Indes for Flexaim, for the best and most natural cycling-experience. As the cyclist starts pedalling the e-Bike measures, by unique sensor technology (Reevo Technology), the user’s effort and translates this into the desired support for at least 50km range.

The curved design of battery and user interface emphasize that ease of use and performance are high end. The display presents the needed information by means of the clear design representing an “open eye”. The daylight sensor activates the UI-backlight. Both consumer and dealer have their own level of access through the display.

The e-bike can also be used without support. Removing the battery results in a light bicycle, still keeping it’s rear light functionality in order to travel safely. The modularity of the system enables dealers to deliver swift service without extensive training or tools.