Innovations Indes rewarded

On monday june 4th the innovation charts were presented for the 7th time, featuring 100 concrete innovations Dutch SME have created over the past years.

Indes is listed twice in this year. The userfriendly Sinne-bêdsje ended up in position 27 and the active standup tool for ceiling-mounted lifters, the STAID reached the 51st position.

The Sinne-bêdsje, a new and safe childrens hospital bed, is developed by Indes in co-operation with our client and partner Oostwoud International B.V. Unique for the Sinne-bêdsje is that the sidebars won’t go straight down but tilt underneath the bed, which makes it easier for the caretaker or parents to reach for the child. This is a revolution in childrens hospital beds. Take a look at the Sinne-bêdsje in our portfolio

The STAID is an active standup tool for ceiling-mounted lifters. A standup help for ceiling-mounted lifters. “active” tools for these lifters, in which the patient co-operates in standing up, were not available, up until now. By lifting the construction with the ceiling-mounted the STAID guides the stand up movement from the patient. Furthermore enhances the product the relation with the patient: physical contact and shorter transfer times. The STAID is developed for Ergocare. Take a look at theSTAID in our portfolio

The 27th place in the SME top 100  hasn’t gone unnoticed, website skipr wrote an article about the Sinne-bêdsje and other medical innovations.

Last year indes achieved was also featured in the chart on postion 11, back than with a flexible applicable e-bike kit.