Introduction new series hoists

‘Active4Care’ recently introduced a new, entirely created by Indes, series of hoists for the healthcare market.

The series consists of three basic types of hoists. The ‘Rise’ (standing hoist) is designed to bring patients with sufficient strength and stability to a standing position and requires active participation of the caretaker while standing up. The ‘Line’ and ‘Curve’ passive hoists are intended for transfers from bed to chair and toilet of patients who are unable to participate actively. Both types of passive hoists come with an electric tilting spreader bar to bring the patient form a lying to a sitting position. Both the ‘Line’ and the ‘Curve’ hoists are available in a standard and compact version.

Unique to the series is that all hoists can be easily extended with the ‘eSense Power Assist system’ This system, consisting a unit with rotatable drive wheel and a power- and direction-sensitive sensor in the pushbar, makes it possible to maneuver heavy hoists with minimal force. Driving the hoist works the same way as a hoist without ‘Power Assist’. By pushing or pulling the pushbar, power will be given in forward and backward direction. By pushing against the side of the pushbar, the drive wheel will turn sideways and the hoist can be easily driven sideways.

The hoists are available in the course of 2013.