Mofixx used in surgery at UMC Utrecht

Mofixx, the innovative camera holder, was successfully used for the first time by urologist Arto Boeken Kruger during a kidney operation, at UMC Utrecht. The surgical instrument was used to fix the camera, so that the image is more stable and less hands are needed to carry out the operation.

Mofixx fixes laparoscopes (and other instruments) in any position. By pressing a switch, the laparoscope can be moved with one hand in an intuitive way. In an exploratory surgery it is very important that the image of the camera is stable and this is not always possible when the camera is hand-held. By using Mofixx, the hands of the assistant are free for other tasks. It also prevents an unnatural and unpleasant posture.

Joris Jaspers, head of Innovation, Medical Technology of the UMC Utrecht invented Mofixx. “I noticed that many assistants and surgeons had to operate under poor conditions. With keyhole surgery, assistants had to stay in awkward positions for hours, while holding the instruments so that the surgeon can do the job. I thought that this could be improved. “

Mofixx was developed in cooperation with Indes. The cooperation between Mofixx, UMC Utrecht and Indes was accompanied by Pontes Medical.

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Source: Mofixx / UCM Utrecht