Indes wins three international Red Dot Awards

Three products of Indes have been awarded a Red Dot Award 2014! The E-sense patient hoist, the Visual Clip and bicycle carrier MovaNext all received this prestigious international design prize.

MovaNext represents ease of use. With the unique patented clamping system, the carrier can be easily attached; the user places the MovaNext on the tow bar, folds down the two wings and the bike carrier is ready to use. The compact folding system ensures that the carrier takes up little space in your trunk or garage. The integrated handles and the weight of only 12.5 kilograms, makes MovaNext easy to use for everyone. The maximum carrying capacity is 60 kilograms, therefore the bike carrier is suitable for all conventional bicycles, including e-bikes.

The Red Dot Awards for product design are granted within 23 categories. Developer Indes and commercial partner Multanational Sales have won the Award for their MovaNext in the category ‘vehicle accessories’. More information: MovaNext

E-sense patient hoist and Visual Clip
In the category ‘Life Sciences and Medicine’, the patient hoist E-sense and Visual Clip have been granted a Red Dot Award 2014. Indes and commercial partner Active4Care are very excited about this endorsement of the quality of their product. The purpose of the E-sense patient hoist is to reduce physical strain for caregivers. The hoists are equipped with the E-sense power assist system. This system makes it possible to move a hoist with patient with minimal force. Unique is the fact that every manual hoist can be easily extended with the E-sense power assist system. More information: Patient hoist

The Visual Clip improves the safety and comfort of moving caretakers with the use of a patient hoist. A colour indicator shows to both caregiver and caretaker, whether the sling of the hoist is properly attached or not. A green colour indicates that the sling is attached properly, a red sign means the sling needs adjustment. This system makes using patient hoists a lot safer. More information: Visual Clip

Indes develops products with the aim to support people in their everyday lives. By developing different aids for both individuals and the healthcare sector, Indes contributes to improving the mobility and wellbeing of people.

Since the end of February nine employees of the DCW are seconded at Indes. The DCW is a company of the municipality of Enschede for people with a disability to work. Employees who are in need of care, are contributing to the development of healthcare related products.

Red Dot
With nearly 5000 submissions from over 50 countries, the international Red Dot Design Awards are among the largest and most prestigious design competitions in the world. The jury consists of design experts with an international reputation who asses the entries on multiple criteria, including the level of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, quality of the implementation, emotional value and sustainability

During the gala on July 7, the Red Dot Awards will be handed out.
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