SOFIE Project on radio and television

SOFIE is a project that Indes is doing with University Twente and Roessing Research & Development. The goal is to create an Intelligent Assisted Bicycle; intelligent assistive solutions for elecric bikes to let elderly people safely ride their bikes. improve knowledge about bicycle stability especially with regards to elderly cyclists.

Test results show that the amount of fatal accidents among elderly cyclist has increased. Within the project there is research for the cause of these accidents and looking for solutions to make the bike more safe, comfortable, and stable. Using computermodels, developed by University Twente more knowledge has been gained about balance during cycling and with a testsimulation solutions can be tested effective and safe. The project’s running for 4 years, in about 2 years the actual solutions, will be tested with elderly cyclist.

Recently the project made the news several times:

Click on the photo to view the article in Elsevier (in dutch)