We proudly present Mofixx!

Mofixx – From Idea to Product

On April 30 Mofixx BV launched an innovative development in the medical sector. Indes developed in cooperation with UMC Utrecht Mofixx. Joris Jaspers, Head of New Medical Technology in Hospital UMC Utrecht, noticed many assistants and surgeons have to operate under poor conditions. With Minimal Invasive Surgery, also called keyhole surgery, assistants should retain instruments in impossible ways for hours so the surgeon can do his job. Joris Jaspers thought this should change and conceived Mofixx, a container which can be easily positioned by the surgeon himself. Mofixx can be mounted on the operating table, so the camera delivers steady images and no longer has to be held by the assistant. One press on a button allows the surgeon to move the camera position to another position. The assistant now has more time for other tasks and being stripped of the heavy physical loads that are now often occur during operations.

Indes has been working with the UMC Utrecht for several years and was asked to develop this idea into a new innovative product. Creating products that can help people in everyday life is what Indes is renowned. These routes run from a good idea until the delivery of quality products. For the final development and marketing of Mofixx Indes founded a new company: Mofixx BV. For medical developments financiers should be asked. Therefore Indes went looking for co-financiers and one of the investors – DFZ Participations, the innovation company of De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar – was so excited that it accepted the challenge. The Dutch family company Van Straten Medical, a well-known player in the market for Minimally Invasive Surgery, will distribute Mofixx.

Many hospitals have an innovation department to solve problems within the health sector and to think of new product ideas. An invention as Mofixx ensures that the costs for a hospital can be reduced. Often doctors have ideas about how working in a hospital could be better. But because they do not have time or miss the experience how to handle this, a lot of ideas get lost. Indes is a company that picks up these ideas and ensures that a new idea is developed into an innovative medical product where patients and professionals around the world can rely on. So your idea has to be heard!

Mofixx is officially introduced at a congress of three academic hospitals (UMCU-VU MC and AMC!) on April 30