esense Power Assist Technology

The development of Power Assist Technology is a cornerstone of our business. This flexible electric powered platform powers a range of products, offering auxiliary support to wheelchair users, patient hoists or e-bike bits, to name but a few examples. Power Assist Technology systems are developed in-house and manufactured by us.

A single platform for a multitude of applications

Our Power Assist Technology is flexible and adaptable. Sensor signal processers and motor controllers operate in a similar way in different products. Depending on the user situation, the product usually has to meet specific support demands, for example activation, overall dimensions or the desired speed. The execution design of a propulsion kit therefore differs per product. Our Power Assist solutions are tailored to the needs of each client, allowing you to benefit from existing possibilities that can be directly applied to your specific products.

Power Assist keeps people mobile

Our technology is intended to support the mobility of people as and when they need it. The Wheeldrive, for instance, offers auxiliary support to wheelchair users, allowing them to stay active for longer while expending less energy. Furthermore, Power Assist Technology is designed for flexibility and can be adjusted to specific situations or the individual’s riding behaviour. This allows the manufacturer, dealer and – if so desired – the end user to create the optimum riding experience.

Turning user-centered design into a market success

Indes is committed to improving the user experience. This is achieved by involving end users in each stage of the design and development process. By incorporating their feedback into the development of our Power Assist Products, we realise long-term successes in the marketplace.

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